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Scissor Rings - 1" Shear Inserts - Thumb Inserts - Finger Rings

  • Finger ring inserts are amazing shear finger inserts & thumb savers designed to fit perfectly without slipping off thick scissors ring and shear insert rings are super comfortable & flexible pet ring shears that keep your fingers and thumb happy while cutting hair or grooming your pets!
  • Scissors ring with a 1-inch diameter gives you the perfect grip you need for control with precision fitting on your scissors & shears ring so that you can thicken up loose while working
  • Shear insert rings are life-changer ring shears super comfortable rings for shears crafted with great elasticity and are designed to fit comfortably on most scissors and shears
  • Shear finger inserts are designed to protect your fingers while cutting or grooming your pet rings for shears give you maximum power to open and close the shear with ease as you cut hair so that there's less tension and stress in your hands
  • Shear finger rings do not slip or slid off like other shear finger inserts because these rings for shears are thick & super comfortable finger rings shears with multi colors and silicone made for grooming dogs and cats and are also perfect for hairstylists and professionals

Get the most out of your scissors and shears while grooming your pets!

Scissor rings are designed to give you the perfect grip you need for control while working. Our rings for shears:

  • Easy to insert & use
  • Fits all standard scissors and shears
  • Thick and smooth
  • Have great elasticity to fit both small and big fingers

Our functional shear insert rings are great in helping reduce fatigue in your fingers making you feel comfortable as you go on with your work