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Slip Lead

Slip Lead

Jac’s LeaderSlips patent pending design and utility offer the ultimate means of communication with your dog. Dogs as animals communicate with one another using pressure, the language being pressure and release.

The product is made from heavy duty nylon paracord normally used for hiking, this material can withstand loads of 1000lb+ of pressure. This unique design includes a solid braided polypropylene rope that acts as a slip knot stopper to adjust the size of the line around the dogs neck. The slip knot design for the stopper was deliberate in an effort to mitigate the common issues slip lead users experience with the regular paracord plastic stopper or leather stopper, both of which break fast from wear and tear, requiring replacement of the full lead after only a few months of regular use. Hardware used on this product is fully welded to avoid breakage under extreme pressure so you can lead your pack walk confidently even with the most reactive of dogs en toe. Finally, every LeaderSlip includes a safety, which is made from heavy duty nylon webbing and a metal swivel snap hook — this feature allows you to clip onto your dog’s regular flat collar via the D-ring so in the event your dog slips his head from the LeaderSlip, the safety will allow you to keep hold of him.

Slip knot use explained -->

This tool was designed as a guiding tool for communication, with the intent being to effectively apply slight pressure to the sensitive upper neck of the dog, nudging him to make a choice in accordance with the pressure being applied. Once the dog yields to the pressure, release in the slip lead pressure captures your agreement with the dog’s response to your dialogue. Overtime, with consistency, the dog learns the language of pressure and release — learning that it feels better to be near you, following, in a migrating state-of-mind, as opposed to away from you, struggling against the applied leash pressure. This is how we get a dog to not only walk loose lead on a leash, but condition him to be a follower on a pack walk. For more information on how to leverage this incredible tool (because remember, the tool is nothing without the understanding of the philosophy behind it) please submit an inquiry form via www.jactrainsdogs/packup!