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The Sarasota Dog Salon exists to exceed the standard grooming experience.

The Art of Grooming

"Not all pets are show dogs. But I can assure you, all show dogs are pets."
-AKC Show Judge Patricia Trotter

What Services Do We Provide?

Full Haircut Service

Full Haircuts include bath, blueberry facial, blow dry, fluff and brush, full haircut, nails, glands and ears.

Feel free to bring photos for inspiration!


Mini Grooms consist of bath, blueberry facial, blow dry, fluff and brush, nails, glands, ears and neatening up around the feet, face and sanitary areas.

Bath & De-Shed

Bath and De-Shed Services are designed for short haired, double coated breeds. This includes a bath with our de-shed shampoo and cream rinse, nails, ears, and full de-shed service.


Our goal is to create consistent, positive experiences with pets through teamwork with their owners which makes them excited to come back.

The Itch Stops Here

We live in Florida. A lot of pets battle year round allergies which can cause hot spots, licking, hair loss, bacterial or fungal infections. The Sarasota Dog Salon helps work on solving these issues from the inside out. Our K9 nutritionist can help your pet's immune system fight these allergies head on while we treat the skin from the outside with our medicated shampoo and cream rinses which have Hydrocortisone to help relieve the itch.

Trust + Teamwork

We work with owners and dogs to design a grooming plan that works for your pet's best interest. We specialize in hand scissoring and "fluffy" cuts and can customize your appointments to keep the haircut you desire. Some longer hairstyles require more maintenance and we are here to help.

More practical hairstyles are more low maintenance and we can schedule a bit longer in between according to your pet's needs.

We do understand most people do not have the time to maintain a dog's coat in between appointments and we are happy to help with a grooming plan to keep your dog adorable and practical for your lifestyle.


Breed Standard

Most pure bred dog owners usually still want them to look like that breed but in a more manageable, everyday trim.
We are able to modify breed standard trims to showcase your dog's breed profile without the high maintenance at home!

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We exist to exceed the standard grooming experience.

- Cami